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Design Parameter Exploration Arc : Description and Video Tutorial


This is a three part mission covering concepts in engineering and vehicle parameters. This mission takes a more informal appraoch as players create numerous designs and flight test them on some fun and challenging courses. Progressing through the missions, players will understand the impacts of serveral parameters on how the glider flys , how to pilot their designs, and the design trade-offs that must occur when competing objectives and constraints exist.  This mission is a good warm up before jumping into more complex and analytical design challenges requiring more modeling, math, science, and engineering design.


Part 1:

Fly a course that requires an excellant glide ratio.  To achieve players must investigate what parameters impact the glide ratio and fine tune their values to beat the mission

Part 2:

Players investigate parameter impacts on an alternate objective design objective, manuverability. Different value of the parameters will be necessary for this objective.  A slalom style course tests your ability to bank dive and turn.  Fly through enough gates and you will complete the mission.

Part 3:

Armed with the knowledge for design for maxium range and design for manuverabilty a challenging course will require you to consider both of these objectives. This challenge explores the consequences of design decisions.  The trade-offs between glide ratio and agility, turning, and manuverability are expored. Master the design for competing objectives and complete the mission course. 

Tutorial Video

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