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Energy Mission Arc : Description and Video Tutorial


This is a four part mission covering concepts in energy, vehicle design, and data anlysis.  Players will learn to develop models of potential,  kinetic , and energy loss due to drag.  Using these models and data catured from flight testing designs players will look at work done over time the exchange of energy and how it relates to the design and flight of a aircraft.  Progressing through the missions players will design new vehicles and determine the required fuel mass for predicted energy required to complete the flight challenge course.  In addition to energy concepts players will be exposed to vehicle design concepts and be asked to design a glider for high glide ratio, and low weight.


Part 1:

Players use a given glider to attempt to beat the mission challenge course.  Problems with and potential improvements to the design are identified.

Part 2:

To learn how to improve on the glider from Part 1 players investigate designing for a high glide range so that they can minimize energy losses glide across a span between two required checkpoints without using any rocket booster fuel or losing too much altitude.

Part 3:

Players investigate how to reduce the weight of their glider, how to conduct and energy balance, and how to decide how much fuel to load their rockets with in order to complete a known climb.  Models for energy and vehicle components are developed and used, then flight data is collected to validate the designs and preditions of the models.  Players fly a course requiring they apply these concepts to thier vehicle design.

Part 4:

Armed with their improved designs and accrued design knowledge, players can retry the full course complete with rocket boosters speed boosting magnetic gates, and terrain requiring energy management .  When complete keep improving the glider and mission flight plan to improve score , win currancy, and unlock additional achievements. 

Tutorial Video

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