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DAVinCI Flight is a 3-D multiplayer game built on top of a suite of real engineering design tools and with support for 3D printing.  This game environment is at the same time equal parts engineering tool, STEM educational tool, and multiplayer game. Set in a futuristic lab the player awakens and is presented with a plot composed of a number of missions that require the design and flight of different craft. If you do it right, you apply and learn needed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts, engineering design methodology, and aerodynamics along the way.  You can fly your glider design to explore the world and discover surprises, secret levels, and plot elements. As you learn, design, and overcome challenges you can work your way up from a novice player to a master designer, professor, or test pilot.   Our game is designed for use by gamers, parents, students, hobbyists, and educators both at home or in the classroom. The ultimate goal is to expose players to important engineering concepts and link together the many STEM disciplines through engineering design.  Along the way DAVinCI hopes to inspire, motivate, and unleash creativity worthy of its namesake.



When used in the education environment, the game is composed of numerous instructor selectable missions each tied to specific topics in the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).


In designing DAVinCI Flight we wanted to make it easy to integrate into your existing math and science curricula and appropriate for a wide range of use cases. The complexity and scope of these STEM content based missions are selectable from simple 10-15 min lesson support activities, 1-2 class period unit support activites, or semester long multi-diciplanary design projects.  


This game is designed to be fun, realistic, and educational. A few of the cool game features include:

  • Futuristic 3-D Lab environment complete with cool technology, details, animations, sounds, and holograms.

  • Custom materials, paint jobs (complete with nose art and stencils), and additional components allow players to put their creative stamp on vehicles

  • Support for 3-D printing allows students to make functional kits or desktop replicas of their designs in the real world

  • Badges, achievements, special abilities, and character development

Secret levels, secret missions, puzzles, limited time components, and plot twists keep you exploring the game for ways to improve, customize, and put your own stamp on designs.  While playing you are engaged in complex missions and actively learning.  The missions are flexible and just like real life design there are infinite approaches to beating them.


DAVinCI Flight contains all the knowledge, tutorials, and vehicle design tools needed for your skill level regardless whether you are an aerospace enthusiast, hobbyist, or a novice designer. These real engineering tools have been developed by our team in past work with Universities, NASA, and the NAVY. These tools include:


  • Parameterized vehicle geometry builders

  • Real aerodynamics solvers

  • Real structural solvers

  • Custom analysis engine (to test and optimize your creations)

  • Vehicle cost estimation (for integrating economics into designs)

  • Team design collaboration features

  • Design export to a 3-D printer and test data import




Windows XP or later; Mac OS X 10.6 or later.



Minimal: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor,

Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics card, 4 GB RAM,

2-Button Mouse



Intel Core i5-4430, Nvidia

GeForce GTS 750 Ti, 8 GB Ram, 3-Button Mouse,


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