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Mission & Design Features Added to DAVinCI Flight

Over the summer our team has been putting the finishing touches on a few new features for DAVinCI Flight. In addition of the art team upgrading many of the models, animations, materials, and user interfaces we have revamped a number of the back end tools to turn DAVinCI Flight into an even more capable tool for vehicle design and STEM learning. Key to this effort was the creation of the modeling and design proccess flow tool. In previous development stages the STEM modelling and design analysis capability of DAVinCI Flight has been more structured. With the addition of a framework for quickly building new missions, and a tool for students to create, link, and visualize their own math and science based models (show above a student creates a model based on quadratic equation). With these additions DAVinCI Flight is now a much more capable engineering tool with the capablity to engage students in new and useful ways that will improve STEM learning. Stay tuned as we show off more of these features.

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